Portugal Vineyards for Sale

  • Quinta De Excelência

    Quinta De Excelência

    Total area of approximately 12.5 hectares, seeing about 9 hectares of vines in continuous, with an average production of 160 tons / year and with growth potential. Considerable
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  • Unique 17th Century House In Porto

    Unique 17th Century House In Porto

    In the heart of the ancient city of Guimarães, birthplace of Portugal’s proud history and heritage, lies a sprawling 17th-century estate that stands as a sentinel to the
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  • Portugal Country Estate

    Portugal Country Estate

    The Estate where wine production and agrotourism are explored. The property is divided into two distinct areas: the urban part, where a beautiful mansion stands out, featuring a
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  • Winery Vineyard in Duoro

    Winery Vineyard in Duoro

    This 18-acre farm winery is tucked away in one of Portugal’s most scenic wine regions in the picturesque Porto Ferrado, located in the parish of Santa Crus do
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Vineyards for Sale in Portugal

Portugal is known for its picturesque vineyards with vast stretches of grapes blending seamlessly with the rolling countryside. This serene image brings international tourists to one of the world’s most popular wine destinations – and makes it the dream for those in the market for a vineyard. No matter the type of property you’re looking for, Portugal has a vineyard for sale to exceed your every expectation. From boutique vineyards with intimate estates perfect for an investment or retirement to commercial vineyards with established large-scale productions, we can help you find the right Portugal vineyard so you can live out your dream! 

Why Portugal Vineyards for Sale Are a Savvy Investment

Portugal vineyards for sale present an incredible investment opportunity, regardless of whether you plan to use the property as a business, a primary residence, or a vacation home. First, the country produces some of the best wine and wine grapes in the world, and has a well-established market. The demand for new grapes and wine from Portugal is high, and grows every year! Next, Portugal is a favorite destination of tourists – especially wine tourists – which means Portugal’s vineyards have no shortage of business. Finally, the market is growing for event venues, meaning Portugal’s vineyards can easily be leveraged to provide additional income if offered as a rental or event space! 

Top Regions for Portugal Vineyards

There are so many stunning vineyards for sale available across Portugal that it can be a challenge to narrow it down! When considering where to purchase your Portuguese vineyard, consider the type of surroundings you’d prefer, both in terms of landscape and the types of nearby amenities you require. These top wine regions in Portugal offer vineyards for sale to match every style and price point:

  • Douro Valley: The Douro Valley is Portugal’s best-known region for wines, like Napa Valley in the US. Its history of viticulture is so long and well-preserved that it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as the capital of Portugal’s port wine production. If you’re interested in an area with heavy wine tourism, this is a fantastic option. 
  • Alentejo: This area is known for its complex yet drinkable red wines. The vineyards here tend to be vast, covering large swaths of land. If you’re interested in producing wine at a larger scale, this may be the area for you. 
  • Vinho Verde: While many images of Portugal’s vineyards showcase dryer areas, this region is the picture of greenery. The region is known for its incredible, crisp white wines. If you’re looking for a Portugal vineyard for sale in a lush, verdant area, this is the best choice for you. 
  • Dão: Centrally located in Portugal, Dão is a great choice if you want to be able to travel quickly to other areas of the country. This elegant city maintains its centuries-old traditions, including in how wine is crafted! If you’re interested in an area that focuses on preserving its historical charms, this is the spot for you. 

The Best Wines for Your Portugal Vineyard

Portugal’s Best Red Wines

  • Tinta Roriz (known as Tempranillo in Spain) is often used in full-bodied and complex blended red wines. It is most commonly grown in the Douro region.
  • Baga grapes are indigenous to Portugal, particularly in the central region of Portugal. These grapes produce intensely-flavored wines with high acidity.
  • Trincadeira is a red wine grape grown in southern Portugal as it survives well in the warm climate. Its wine is fruitier than other varieties, with balanced tannins.

Portugal’s Best White Wines

  • Vinho Verde encompasses six varieties of grapes that are indigenous to Portugal. These grapes are called “verde” or green because they are usually used when very newly ripe. 
  • Encruzado is grown primarily in Portugal’s Dão region. While it was previously used almost exclusively in blends, it is increasingly being crafted into complex single-varietal wines with high acid and a medium body.
  • Verdelho grapes are the most popular to grow on the Madeira Islands. They are most commonly used to create fortified wines as well as crisp and refreshing white blends.